At Agan Auto Services, we supply and fit a wide range of quality towbars. Not only that, but we also fit these for your domestic and commercial vehicles.


We also supply and install a variety of different vehicle accessories. These range from bike racks, roof boxes, boot liners and even Bluetooth headsets for your car.



A Fixed Flange Towbar is generally the most cost effective option, and is the most commonly used in the UK. The tow ball is attached to the tow bar using either two or four 24mm bolts, and it can be used with tow ball mounted accessories ie cycle carriers, bumper protectors etc, which are mounted between the tow bar and ball.



  • Compatible with a large range of vehicles

  • Can be used with a choice of tow balls.

  • Tow and carry cycles at the same time (subject to load limits)

  • The towing height can be adjusted


  • The tow bar and the electrics can be seen

  • Different types of towballs can be expensive


Fixed Swan Neck Towbars are often used outside of the UK. They are the less adaptable than Flange towbars as they cannot be used with additional accessories. Cycle carriers are available, however they cannot be used whilst towing.



  • Less likely to trigger reversing sensors

  • Compatible with a large number of vehicles

  • Looks more discreet than a Fixed Flange towbar


  • Towball height cannot be altered

  • Slightly more expensive than Fixed Flange towbars

  • Alternate towballs cannot be fitted

  • Cannot be fitted with a bumper shield


The Detachable Swan Neck Towbar is similar to the Fixed Swan Neck, this style was the first detachable type to be offered. It is mainly used in Europe, and although a cycle carrier can be used, but they cannot tow at the same time.



  • Cannot be seen when not in use and is aesthetically better looking compared to fixed towbars

  • Reduces the risk of injury when the neck is removed

  • Is compatible with a large number of vehicles

  • Won't trigger reversing sensors when removed


  • Towbar height cannot be altered

  • Alternate towballs cannot be fitted

  • Much more expensive than fixed towbars


Single 7 Pin Electrics (12N)

This socket has been used in the United Kingdom for many years. It is the most cost effective and common type of connection providing all the standard towing requirements.

The 12n single electrics sockets can be used with many towing accessory's including:


  • Lighting Boards

  • Cycle Carriers

  • Caravans (Road Lights Only)

  • Trailers

  • Horse Boxes

Twin 7 Pin Electrics (12n/12s)

The 12S connector provides additional power functions when combined with the 7 pin 12N socket. This connector offers permanent and switched power supplies and reverse lighting functionality. It can be identified by a grey or white flip cover.

The permanent supply provides power to the interior lights and water pump when the vehicle is turned off. When the vehicle is running, the switched supply provides power to the caravans leisure battery and fridge. The 12S socket can also be used with horse boxes containing internal batteries or tipper trailers with electric lifts.






  • Charges leisure battery

  • Powers fridge

  • Provides reversing lights

                                    13 Pin Continental Electrics


The 13 pin socket is a single connection of similar size to a 7 pin connector but contains both 12N and 12S socket functions. It is a sealed connection with a unique twist and lock system that provides a secure and reliable connection.

All caravans manufactured for the 2009 season onwards have 13 pin connections as standard. The trailer industry will be moving towards 13 pin plugs by 2012. 13 pin sockets are expected to become industry standard. 




  • Nice neat look

  • Provides road lighting

  • Charges leisure battery

  • Powers fridge

  • Compatible with modern caravans




2 socket.jpg
7PinPlugsTo13PinSocket 2501.jpg

7 Pin Plug to 13 Pin Socket

13 Pin Plug to 7 Pin Socket

13PinPlugTo7PinSockets 2501 2.jpg

7 Pin Plug to 13 Pin Socket